Organic Prospects Review – Appalling or Amazing?

When I first heard of Organic Prospects, I wanted to do a bit of research on behalf of a few of my clients before I can decide whether to recommend the service to them or not. I run a digital marketing agency and have a diverse portfolio of customers, most of whom are small operations running a home-based online business.  A colleague I met at a networking event mentioned Organic Prospects, so I thought it will be worthwhile to investigate a bit further as I’m always on the lookout for new platforms and new ways to provide more value to my customers.

I have worked in digital marketing for over 10 years now – running my own online businesses and also consulting clients on their operations. So, naturally, I thought I’ve seen it all. I was, in fact, more than a little skeptical about Organic Prospects because I thought, rather self-confidently, “How comes I haven’t heard about it before? If it’s THAT good, surely I would’ve come across it already! There must be a “catch.””

Well, let me tell you my story with Organic Prospects – 30 days now and counting!

High Quality Leads – they matter!

What I always aim to deliver for my clients is high quality leads that convert into real paying customers. I believe that this is where the value is added to my service and will not settle with a “just good enough” alternative as this will be against my principles as a professional. This is the reason why I always investigate every new marketing channel thoroughly before I offer it to any of my clients.

I want them to see results reasonably fast and also make sure that these results are consistent over time. I’ve never gone just for the “quick wins”, consistency is what matters in business for me. The first thing that drew my attention when I started to research Organic Prospects was their unique acquisition and grading system. It seemed straight away that they rate very high the “genuine level of interest” or what we marketers refer to as a “hot lead”. Furthermore, their whole acquisition and grading system works like a funnel, ensuring that what you, as a member, get in the end is the hottest of leads, i.e. real people with genuine interest in your products and/or services.

Let me explain how their system works and why I am now so enthusiastic in recommending it to all my clients.

Organic Prospect’s selection process starts with targeting the top fifteen Social Media platforms where they use their own mechanics to sift out the people who are genuinely interested in the home business growth opportunity. So even at this first step, the leads are in a state of high readiness to purchase. For most other companies, the search for the best leads will stop there. However, Organic Prospects add two extra steps which are of very high importance and that’s what sold it to me as a marketer in the first place:

  • Proprietary grading system – they use their own custom system and each prospect receives a “genuine interest level” rating between 0 and 100%. Again, the selection process doesn’t stop here so you don’t just get a bunch of leads with a rating attached to them.
  • All prospects with a rating below 75% are discarded. The remaining ones are only high-quality, high-readiness prospects with a rating between 75 to 100%.

So now you see why I was so impressed as a marketer – quality is what truly matters to me and I realized that Organic Prospects are offering what can be considered the best. And the best thing about it you get 70 of these genuine interest leads delivered to your account every day of the month from the moment you become a member.

Putting it to the test

No matter what I found during my initial research, I wanted to make sure that it actually works before I can recommend Organic Prospects to any of my customers. There were two other things that really stuck in my mind as very appealing about this program:

  • Freshness of prospects – unlike some other services offering mailing lists that end up being out of date and pretty much useless, the Organic Prospect’s promise is that you always get “fresh” leads, that is acquired and filtered in the last 48 hours
  • Exclusivity of prospects – you know when you purchase a list of prospects you always have this niggling thought at the back of your mind – “How many of my competitors are now also mailing them with similar offers?” Well, according to Organic Prospects this will never happen to their members, as all the prospects you get are 100% exclusive to you and will not be delivered to any other member.

Armed with this information, the only way to prove that the “freshness” and “exclusivity” claims actually work was to put them to the test. So, after I got my first two lots of prospects, I prepared two different email campaigns in order to test different. One of the very important things that comes with your membership is the complementary “Organic mailer” that allows you to communicate with your exclusive prospects and get the full picture in terms of results from your mailing history – number of open emails, clicks to your link, and ultimately sales. I know that it is difficult to say what is a “good” open and click-through rate, however based on my experience with my own business as well as my clients’ operations, I was set to expect an average of 20% open rate and around 3% click-through rate.

After mailing the first 140 prospects that Organic Prospects gave me, I was in shock. Open rate was well over 50% and out of those 30% actually clicked on the link and I had 5 “hot” leads and 2 sales by end of day 3. I actually had to check the metrics a few times just to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting such results.

And it wasn’t just “beginners luck”, 30 days later, the outcome is still very positive. I am converting at rates that I haven’t been able to achieve through any other channels before. This for me is the ultimate proof that the prospects I am getting are fresh and exclusive. The bounce rate I got is actually close to zero (I got one bounced email on day 5 and it turned out to be just a temporary problem with their mail servers) and I haven’t had any un-subscribes either.

Next Steps

As marketers we are very well aware how important is to get your offer in front of an audience that is receptive and exactly and in a “ready to buy” state. The challenge and art of it is to locate and effectively communicate to these prospects.

Quality is important, but so is consistency. You don’t want to get your hopes too high when you’ve had a couple of successful conversions through a new channel, and usually over time, most channels become a bit tired and wear off in terms of delivering steady results. You either have to increase your budgets to a level which makes your profit margins shrink far too much or the results just dwindle and you have to move on to new pastures.

Therefore, when you find a service such as Organic Prospects, that delivers high quality day after day and lets you budget your costs (monthly fee is only $29.95 with a fix set-up fee of $30) you want to continue using it and let your clients know about it so they can also take advantage of the benefits it offers. I’ve already introduced two of my customers to Organic Prospects and they’ve been running it with steadily increasing rates of return for the last couple of weeks. Next steps are to do more of it – after all, there will be another 70 fresh, exclusive, ready-to-buy prospects in my inbox tomorrow, so I will do what I now know works with the certainty that it will not let me down day after day.


Patricia Robertson, The “Skeptic” Markter invites you to join Organic Prospects!  They have passed my test!  Click here to comment/read comments!

Patricia Robertson