My Lead Gen Secret – Will This Make You Money??

In this review, I’m looking at a lead supplying service called My Lead Gen Secret.

The services promotes an easy and straightforward way to making money online without requiring much skill at all.

Intrigued by this claim, I purchased an account to look for myself.


The method involves generating traffic to any page of your choosing through the mailing of business opportunity leads.  This strategy has its advantages because it is very beginner friendly and requires zero setup time; however does it actually work?

In this review, I will talk you through everything there is to know about My Lead Gen Secret so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not this is for you.

Will you make easy commissions and become a full-time affiliate marketer?

The following is based on my own opinions after I purchased this service.

How Does It Work?

The method itself is very straightforward. You use the services to generate a list of business opportunity prospects that you can promote your offer(s) to on a daily basis.

These “prospects”  are generated through a funded ad co-op in which you get a daily share of leads (100 every day to be exact.)

This is normal way for mid to high level internet marketers to generate leads online.  This model has been tested and proven in the industry for over a decade.

You would think that there is a huge benefit to have a steady supply of daily leads into your business, and there is.

I will tell you more about that in a minute, for now, back to how My Lead Gen Secret works.

All the products inside your pre built website offer some kind of freebie, or low cost tripwire product, to get people to opt-in or buy a service.

All the leads you get as a member are not low quality freebie seekers.  They have all been validated by some kind of low cost tripwire product or have opted in and purchased a IM related product or service.

This means than when you contact these leads, promoting your products or services, they leads are likely to convert to sales, earning you commissions as a result based on their past purchasing behavior.

All you have to do is work on the email ad copy you want to present to the leads (which often times is just as important as having the right leads to contact)

Will You Make Money Using This Strategy?

I think it is improbable you will make any money using this strategy because there are some fundamental flaws in the thinking and the purchase cycle behind this method.

I think it is very possible you will make money using this strategy.  Simply because the exact same model is being used by “big name” internet marketers such as Tai Lopez, Neil Patel and Anthony Morrison.

This strategy shares very similar characteristics with other well reviewed services such as ClickFunnels, Lead Pages & Ontraport where they use “funnels” to pre-quality leads.

I will do my best to explain why I think you will absolutely make money using this service.

No.1 – Driving Traffic Is Hard!

The biggest issue you will face as an internet marketer is driving traffic to your website. You can forget about any SEO attempts because there is no content and you have no access to your cPanel or website dashboard to add keyword rich blog posts or engaging content. (with affiliate links)

You can also forget about any paid advertising because services like Facebook or Google are unlikely to approve affiliate adverts.

This is because content of value with affiliate offers is duplicated so getting approved is going to be hard.

Most traditional affiliate marketing methods are saturated these days, resulting in an extreme difficulty in gaining an edge.

  • Forum posting
  • Guest blog posting
  • Social media
  • Leaving comments
  • YouTube videos

These types of free traffic strategies will result in some clicks to your website but ultimately the conversion rate will be virtually zero, and to continuously drive more traffic you have to be on your computer day and night; effectively spamming your website URL everywhere.

No.2 – You Are Not Forced To Buy Upgrades!

You are not forced to by upgrades to make it work properly.

If you want to take full advantage of the strategy with email follow-ups and the ability to scale, you are not required to continually invest more and more money.

They do not lock your ability to use the internal autoresponder and you are not required to pay additional fees to use the mailing capabilities of this autoresponder.

This type of strategy is fair because they do not hold you to ransom where you have to spend more money and given the strong business model of the approach there is no additional huge price to pay.

No.3 – Positive Long Term Stability

There is much long-term stability using this method because once you are delivered your leads, you own them outright. You own the leads and they are not shared with other members.  You have exclusive access to solicit the leads allocated to you.

You get the optin time stamp from the leads, 

This allows you to easily import them into large autoresponders, such as Aweber, GetResponse & MailChimp and most importantly get the imports approved.

So even if you did decide to cancel your account, you can download the leads and use them on any autoresponder of your choosing.

No.4 – You Will Experience Very High Conversion Rates

To make conversions with traditional affiliate marketing when selling affiliate products, you usually have to have some kind of presell page or bridge page to warm up your audience.

If you send your traffic to a generic homepage littered with dozens of products you will usually not make any commissions because the traffic is so untargeted and cold.

You have to remember that when someone does click on your link and arrives on your homepage, there is no guidance there and there is no targeted landing page.

So, your click-through rate on your website’s content usually will be very low, and even when they get to your homepage, they do not know where to go because the visitor needs to be shown what they want.

In other words, there is usually no congruency between the location where you left your link and the landing page the visitor lands on.

The way My Lead Gen Secret seems to have screened their leads completely turns this upside down.

I have personally seen dozens of conversions in all kinds of offers from these leads promoting my affiliate links directly with no preselling whatsoever.

Would I Recommend My Lead Gen Secret?

I would definitely recommend you use this service and I feel confident recommending it to other marketers. On the outside it looks like a great idea, and from doing my due diligence, the results are just as good as the claims.  This is coming from an experienced Internet Marketer.

If you have any personal experience using the service, then please do let below in the comment section and I would love to hear from you.

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