My Lead Gen Secret Review 2021

Planning on starting a new business in 2022? Think you’ll be needing leads for it? Well listen up because My Lead Gen Secret is offering 100-200 fresh leads daily. Does it sound like a scam to you? Too good to be true? Well, save the cynicism because this platform is completely legit, and it works – Very Well.  The fact that it provides this many leads for just $1 a day makes it one of the most invaluable and indispensable, if not the most powerful tools in every first-time business owner’s arsenal. It is of course likely that once your business is up and running you won’t be needing leads anymore, but if you’re looking for a way to bootstrap your business, My Lead Gen Secret is it! 

But 2022 is near … will it Still Work?

Well, in 2022, it’s going to work better than ever. “How?” you ask. First of all, it’s a continually growing platform. Where most of the leads were people interested solely in internet marketing and online business, there are now much more diverse areas of interest for them. That implies more and varying niches. They also happen to be diving into the fitness industry as well as health and well being. These are all areas with extreme potential for growth, hence making it ideal for different business owners to give it a try. 

My Lead Gen Secret provides an affiliate program as well. This helps it grow further. As more and more people sign up for it, it benefits the platform by bringing in diversity, as different people will have different business ideas. Throughout 2022, this is expected to help bring in more and more leads with interests in areas besides online business. 

People are Interested in online Businesses now more than Ever

While the online business market has sky-rocketed in the past few years, and it was still going strong on that trajectory, the unfortunate and devastatingly impactful Coronavirus pandemic is forcing people to move towards online business more than ever before. The effects of this pandemic will last a while so it’s a safe bet to say that 2022 will continue to see a rise in online business as more and more people turn towards building their own businesses because of a lack of job security, as well as the need for autonomy. 

Besides people looking to start businesses online, customers have also flocked towards purchasing online, and this trend is likely to stay as people ponder over the need to go shopping themselves. Expectedly, this would create more competition and is therefore likely to give you more reason to get your hands on as many leads as possible. My Lead Gen Secret can do that for you. 

It’s an Inexpensive Starting Point

When starting a new business, you need ways to promote and market your products. There are all sorts of approaches, some are effective, some aren’t. You can use social media platforms for advertisement, or you can go for organic marketing, finding customers yourself. My Lead Gen Secret falls somewhere between the two. 

In the case of social media platforms, a large number of people are targeted with your ad, there is no flexibility and no direct communication between you and them. On the other hand, finding customers yourself would be an extremely difficult task. My Lead Gen Secret, however, has enough leads to give you a large number to target but at the same time communicate directly with.

My Lead Gen Secret is more likely to convert than social media ads, but at the same time, it costs less than them. In your first month, you have to pay $60, where $30 is for the 3000 leads you’ll get in the entire month, and the other $30 is a one-time registration fee. Going forward, it’s just $30 per month, and you can remain registered for as long as you want. 

It Gives you a Good Incentive to Start with

In case you didn’t know, they have an affiliate program that lets you get: 1) 200 leads per day, 2) Between $5 to $1 per month for members you refer to My Lead Gen Secret, 3) A weekly bonus of $100 for every 5 members that you get to sign up for MLGS in that week, and 4) Commission on one-time sales such as Master Swipes. 

So if you’re starting out and would like a reliable source of a small regular income, you can invest a few minutes every day in My Lead Gen Secret itself. You may end up earning a large sum every month with the commissions and the affiliate program itself. The amount you make from My Lead Gen Secret itself is very much dependent on the time you give to it. Not only do you help the platform grow, but you also end up making a good few bucks for yourself. 

You get room to be Creative and Do Things Your Way

One thing that makes My Lead Gen Secret reliable and genuine is that it doesn’t tell you how you can make money. There is no scheme for money-making there. All you’re buying is 100 leads per day for $1 per day. Now, fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you view this situation, you’re going to have to put in some work on your own if you actually want to see results. 

My Lead Gen Secret doesn’t give you warm leads. All you know about the leads is that they are interested in Internet Marketing and Online Business. Because the platform is expanding, they may have other interests as well, but you cannot know for sure. These are called cold leads. They do not know you, all they know is they have opted for getting emails about business opportunities and promotions. Now you can either see this as a difficult task to deal with because you were hoping the leads would simply accept your offers, or you can see this as a time to get creative. 

How can you be Creative with My Lead Gen Secret?

Let’s compare warm leads with cold ones. A warm lead would be someone who has already expressed interest in a specific business or a product. They already have expectations of what they are looking for. This can make pitching in your ideas and offers difficult. It gives you less room to breathe and fewer opportunities. In contrast, a cold lead has had no contact with you. There are no expectations. They are generally interested in a broad category, thus giving you more opportunities to make your pitch. So while the work isn’t being done for you, you get to have more control over how you are going to deal with the leads. On the upside, being creative this way can help you grow more. You will be getting a lot of leads every day, you can segment them and communicate with each segment differently. This should help you learn more as well. 

You can use the Leads for Networking, and more

You can also try to network with these leads. If you’re only starting out, you may not have a product to sell from the start. Or maybe at this point, you need a group to help you improve on whatever products you have. You could get them to join your social media groups and circles and help promote your business further. There are chances of you finding business partners through this method as well. 

Another possibility is conducting surveys for your business ideas. My Lead Gen Secret is giving you 100 cold leads daily with one thing on their minds; online business. This group is both large and diverse, and yet focused at the same time. The feedback and answers you can get from this will be varied enough to improve your understanding, and large enough to increase the breadth of your knowledge. A great many ideas can form in your mind because of that. 

They Help you out – ALOT

The main person behind My Lead Gen Secret is Jim Harmon. Apparently, he has had years of experience with advertisement and building funnels to get leads. Over the years, he had partnered with other people working in the same market and My Lead Gen Secret was a result of that. Suffice it to say, the people behind it have a great deal of knowledge between them when it comes to internet marketing and online business. 

They have a support page where you can find some helpful resources and answers to frequently asked questions. You can also open tickets to get in touch with support personnel. 

Anyone having trouble figuring this whole thing out is welcome to get in touch with their support team. They are professionals dedicated to helping you out with anything they can.

One positive attribute about them is that even though their platform is strictly for lead generation, they are also known to give general business advice to first-timers. So if you need a little help understanding how you can warm up the leads, or get ideas for your specific business needs, their support team might just be able to help you out. 

Do note that they do not guarantee money, but despite that, you can still get access to help and information with running online businesses. 

They Make it easy to get started

While the affiliate program is an excellent way to earn additional income for a little bit of work, they make the whole process of warming up easy for you. There are 30 “Master Swipes” written by Jim that you can import into the emails which you will be sending to your leads. These master swipes are crafted with knowledge gained over years of cold pitching and are proven to be effective for breaking the ice with these leads. That is, they are more likely to appeal to cold leads, and convert. All you’ll need to do is import the master swipe into the email, put in additional content as you want, such as images, and just send. 

To use these “master swipes”, you will have to make a one-time purchase. While they cost $59.95, you may be able to find them for a discounted price if there is a sale. If it sounds much, just know that you can make this money back simply by earning commissions on affiliate purchases. 

In conclusion

We’ve reviewed My Lead Gen Secret and why it would be a good choice in 2022. It is expanding by generating leads for you in areas besides just internet marketing and online business. In 2022 we are also likely to see a further rise in online business making lead generation a need for many. While there definitely are other ways of marketing your products, cold pitching with My Lead Gen Secret remains effective, as it affords you the most flexibility and direct contact with potential customers. 

From validating your ideas to making sales, leads will always remain an important need for your business, and My Lead Gen Secret is a growing platform that lets you get 100-200 leads every day for just $1.


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